Have you been teaching your students too much grammar?

After packing up my materials at the ETAI conference last week, I had time to hear some of Leo Selivan’s presentation on learning language, which emphasized mainly that language is produced in chunks and that grammar must be acquired rather than learned. Most of what he said matched my own experience and the methods I […]

Testing, testing

Although it’s not officially part of my job, occasionally I find myself helping to supervise or correct tests at school. It can be quite a humbling experience, discovering that my English is less than perfect according to the Ministry of Education. Last week I corrected a sixth grade test. Had I been taking the test […]

The Emperor’s New Standards

Our story begins in the 20th century. One day, the emperor asked for new standards. “Who can bring me standards which will tell me how much students learn, how much they know and how well the teachers are doing their job?” he asked. Experts from across the kingdom brought him all kinds of tests and […]

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